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The Studio's Services

Welcome to the Urban Wolf Studio. Every design process is storytelling, often on many levels. This studio is involved in brand development, illustration, animation and much more. Our goal is to push the boundaries of conventional design and discover new possibilities, combining them with rich existing design traditions. There are no limits, only goals, and more goals beyond them. Creativity is a spark where deep contemplation and bursting enthusiasm converge, fueled by extensive research. If you seek daring, energy and innovation, the Urban Wolf Studio is here for you.

Web Design

If you are looking for a sleek, new website or a nice, refreshed appearance for an existing page, you are in the right place

Web Development

Once the design stage is complete, you are still not on your own - I also do the code work, providing full development services to my clients

Graphic Design

Posters, business cards, company branding, magazine layouts, logo creation, website banners - you name it - I can do it


Looking for enticing, SEO friendly copy for your blog or website? We do this as well. Shoot me a line and get all the copy you need

The Way I Work

Every Project is Managed With Streamlined Professionalism


  • We meet and speak, I listen
  • Market research is conducted
  • We talk again and strategize
  • Plans are laid down, we begin


  • Wireframes are created
  • Your feedback is collected
  • Development and production
  • Final feedback and updates


  • Websites are launched
  • Print materials are sent
  • UX data is collected
  • Updates are introduced


A few examples of what I do


My other creative work

  • All
  • 3D Art
  • Graphic
  • Web
Personal Project Photorealistic Concept Art
Social Ad Poster Graphic Design
Personal Project Photorealistic Illustration
Personal Project Brand Identity
Personal Project Web Development
Personal Project Web Development
LifeCO Antalya Web Design
Service Mater Clean Front End Development
LifeCO Antalya Web Design

About Mike

Design enthusiast and free spirit, with a relationship with art that had begun in early years when drawing was much more interesting than listening to the school teacher drone away into eternity. The profound thirst for knowledge in combination with a relentless aesthetic pursuit led him along a convoluted path from Archaeology and Linguistics to Theater and then to the School of Design here in Canada. Having switched several fields of study (and three continents), Mike has finally settled both geographically and professionally as an Interaction Designer and Developer. He likes to refer to himself as a storyteller. Among current skills are Web Design and Development, UX/UI Design and Testing, 3D Modeling, Illustration, Brand Development, Copy Creation and more. Shoot him an email if you want him to tell your story!

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